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Best Funeral Ever
Not many people get to deliver their own eulogy.  Of course, many conscientious folks plan for their passing… buying plots of land, prepaying tombstones, listing the music they want grieving family members to hear.
But of course that wasn’t enough for me.
It all began when the wife and I visited the Hall of Presidents at Disneyland.  We watched Abraham Lincoln solemnly address the crowd of bored mouse-eared tourists, many of whom were simply escaping the heat of a California July and couldn’t care less about American history.  Old Abe stood before us, big as life, and that’s when I nudged my wife, the feverish glimmerings of my diabolical plan burning my scalp with pinpricks of awesome.
“I’m gonna do that,” I whispered to her, but of course she had no idea what I meant.  Not then.
I was not obsessed with my death, no not that.  I’d never given it much thought actually.  Death was somethi
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 25 89
General Purpose Love Letter
Dear: _______________________
My love!  For too long I have kept my feelings secret.  It's time I told you how I really feel, because:
[ ] It's making me crazy.
[ ] It's making my spouse crazy.
[ ] My therapist won't shut up about it.
[ ] The cops will be here any moment and there's no time.
Quite honestly, I'm a little obsessed.  How can I make you understand?  Let me try:
[ ] I tattooed your name on my body.
[ ] I tattooed your name on my spouse's body.
[ ] I changed all my pet's names to honor you.
[ ] Even the voices in my head are a little afraid of me now.
Whenever I think of you, I:
[ ] Dream of us together, forever.
[ ] Imagine what it would be like to hold you for a time.
[ ] Spasm, pass out, and wake up in a puddle of... um...
[ ] Push harder on the accelerator.
Your voice makes me:
[ ] Sigh contentedly.
[ ] Tremble like a leaf.
[ ] Tremble like a leaf-blower.
[ ] Imagine a choir of angels with loofahs.
I made a gift for you. 
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 118 98
Notice of Intent to Stalk
Form ITS1993(d)
Notice of Intent to Stalk
Date: ___________
Print or type name of Stalker: _____________________________
(known henceforth as STALKER)
Print or type name of person to be Stalked: __________________________
(known henceforth as STALKEE)
Please be notified that effective this date the above named STALKER has filed an official Intent To Stalk Declaration targeting the above named STALKEE in accordance with Obsessive/Compulsive Personal Pursuit Code of Conduct Act of 1993 (OCPPCCA93).
I, STALKER, hereby declare Open Season upon you, STALKEE, and pursuant to OCPPCCA93 section 1, paragraph 5 intend to engage in the following activities (check all that apply):
[ ] Watch from afar
[ ] Watch from the bushes
[ ] Watch from the window/skylight
[ ] Hide in your closet
[ ] Fold myself under your computer desk
[ ] Gaze devotedly at your sleeping form
[ ] Collect hair samples while you sleep
[ ] Bake cookies in your kitchen while you're away
    [ ] Chocolat
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 619 414
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  • Watching: Young Justice
*obligatory Happy New Year post*


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Feb. 28 were going to see The Secret World of Arrietty (I believe, just need Mary to confirm) and I wanted to know if you wanted to go see it too. There is an 11:30, 1:55, and 4:20 showing. I like the 11:30 showing, but if that doesn't work for someone then we can go later.
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Have you seen Tintin yet? If not, would you like to go this Saturday?
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Were going to go see SH Monday, the 19th. I didn't know if Kate said anything.
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SH: Game of Shadows comes out the 16th, do we want to wait and go see that or do we want to see both The Muppet's and SH?
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Is there anything you want to see in theaters next week?
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Thursday, 11:20am, Tower Heist, yes?
Mary will probably start pick-up around 10am.
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